Death in the Capitol

(Door Hugo Kijne te Hoboken USA)

Officer Sicknick died a victim of the attack on the Capitol on January 6th but if it was up to Trump democracy would have died too. After months of lying that he had won the election and telling his followers that the official result could still be reversed, after dimwit Trump-mutt Don Jr. had threatened politicians who didn’t support his father that ‘we are coming for you’ and after Consigliere Rudy Giuliani, who has lost more than 60 court cases challenging the election results, had thrown ‘trial by combat’ into the mix, the president told his goons to march on the Capitol for the wild ending he had promised.  And so they marched, in their camouflage fatigues and ‘6 Million Jews Was Not Enough’ t-shirts, with oversized MAGA hats and red, white and blue face paint, some in body armor with hidden guns and others with confederate flags, united in the intention to ‘stop the steal’ and keep Congress from doing its constitutional duty.  Once at the Capitol they broke through the perimeter, forced themselves into the building and went looking for Mike Pence, who was supposed to be hanged at a gallows outside, and for Nancy Pelosi, who was supposed to be shot on site.

They didn’t find Pence and Pelosi, who had been whisked away by security personnel, but they broke into the Senate chamber and Pelosi’s office, where they stole a laptop and a podium and broke a mirror.  Some of them defecated on the floors and spread their feces through the building while others went looking for members of Congress, armed with zip ties to take them prisoner. On their journey through the corridors they ran into officer Sicknick, who stood his ground and was hit with the fire extinguisher that broke his skull, which made them all complicit to murder. Meanwhile at the White House Trump, who had told them he would be with them but of course was not, was cheering the mayhem on, surprised and later disappointed that except for initially Don Jr., his witchlike girlfriend and Mark Meadows nobody was happy about the spectacle.  When the scope of the disaster he had brought upon the country became clear his staff begged him to ask the perpetrators to go home, which he did after repeating his lie about the election being stolen and telling them he loved them.  The next day, medicated up the wazoo, he condemned their actions but only for a few hours.

It is still unclear if the president played a role in keeping the National Guard away from the Capitol until the late afternoon, but it’s obvious that he committed treason by inciting to insurrection in an attempt to hold on to the White House.  He has been complaining lately that unlike Obama he didn’t get the Nobel Peace Prize but he is first in line for the Benedict Arnold Award, and punishment will be coming, both for him and for the white supremacist scum under his command. For Trump that will start with today’s impeachment and later continue in federal and state courts.

Following the closing of his Facebook account the president was also banned indefinitely by Twitter, and although he tried to keep messaging on the platform, first from his POTUS account and then from his campaign account, like a trapped rat in a sewer looking for an exit, every account he tried to use was summarily shut down, taking away his most important ‘instrument,’ as dirty trickster Steve Bannon, who is still waiting for a pardon for the financial fraud he has been indicted for, would call it.

Yesterday Trump was back at being his old lying, pompous self.  First he made a futile effort to convince Kevin McCarthy that the invaders of the Capitol were Antifa, not MAGA people, then he told the press that a second impeachment would be ‘very divisive and dangerous’ and that people who read his speech thought it was ‘totally appropriate’ before he flew to Texas to see if Mexico had already paid for ‘the Wall.’

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