Superman and -spreader

(Door Hugo Kijne te Hoboken USA)

On Saturday Trump resumed his campaigning with a small event on the South Lawn where he spoke for 18 minutes with a raspy voice, a band aid from a recent IV, probably for the steroid he’s taking, on his right hand.  Until the election the president wants to hold at least one rally every day, because his campaign is almost broke and it’s one way for him to get free TV coverage.  Before his next rally in Florida on Monday, where very few in the large crowd wore masks and there was no social distancing, Trump’s physician issued the statement that he had tested negative twice on consecutive days and was no longer contagious.  The president took that one step further and declared himself ‘maybe immune,’ still sounding hoarse and threatening to kiss every man and ‘beautiful’ woman in the crowd.  According to experts the tests Trump took, of which the dates were not mentioned in the statement, are cheap and unreliable because they show a high percentage of false negative results.  The only explanation why an available much more accurate test was not used is that the president is still spreading the virus and the tests are meant to cover that up.

Over the weekend the news broke that when he left the hospital Trump had wanted to wear a Superman tee shirt under his dress shirt, first looking frail but then ripping his shirt off.  He was persuaded not to do that, probably because he didn’t look all that super to begin with, but it is a sign of how desperate he is becoming with Biden’s lead in the polls growing every day.  Another sign of desperation was his demand that Obama, Biden and yes, Hillary Clinton, be arrested and indicted, although John Durham’s investigation of ‘Obamagate’ is unlikely to yield any results.  AG Barr’s inaction earned him the wrath of the president, who was also angry with Mike Pompeo for not  producing Hillary’s emails although he is at the State Department, which made Pompeo promise to try and find them before the election.  Trump was happier with VP Pence, who during the vice-presidential debate refused to commit to a peaceful transition of power.  The steroid is making the president more erratic than normal, so first he canceled all stimulus negotiations, then he wanted a large stimulus, and finally he demanded a $1.8 trillion stimulus that he could allocate.

Democrats don’t want to give Trump money that he can distribute at his discretion three weeks before the election and most Republicans don’t want a second stimulus at all, so possibly nothing will happen until January, leaving the unemployed and small business owners suffering.  Equally impulsive was the president’s decision to cancel the second debate with Biden after the format had been changed into virtual because of his COVID infection, denying himself an audience of eighty million, although it’s quite possible that Trump benefits more from not being heard and seen than from public exposure. The president doesn’t feel that way and wants to campaign like it’s still 2016 in spite of COVID, last night in Pennsylvania.

On the day that the plan of a white terrorist group to kidnap and possibly kill the Governor of Michigan, Gretchen Whitmer, was revealed Trump attacked the governor for not having profusely thanked him for the FBI’s preventing the plot.  At a court hearing yesterday FBI agents testified that kidnapping the Governor of Virginia, Ralph Northam, had been discussed by the same group, which goes to show how dangerous the president’s calling for ‘liberating’ states and undermining ‘Democrat’ authorities has become, with gangs of heavily armed hoodlums standing by to act upon any squeek from Trump that they can interpret as a call to arms.

This week the New York Times revealed how the Trump family developed routines to transfer millions of government dollars into its private coffers and built a network of national and international ‘customers’ of its businesses who only pay the Trump Organization because they expect some kind of benefit only the White House can provide.  Having rivals arrested and indicted on fake charges and illegally enriching oneself is what autocrats like Putin excel at, and in what hopefully are the last convulsions of his corrupt presidency Trump now operates on that level.


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