More Stupidity Every Day

(Door Hugo Kijne te Hoboken USA)

Donald Trump’s election prospects are rapidly diminishing and it literally drives him nuts.  Since there is nothing he can do about it other than tweet, rant, lie, insult and seek confrontations with the press he is only making things worse for himself and nobody can stop him, certainly not his campaign manager Brad Parscale, who decided that filling his own pockets is more important than getting Trump re-elected and may not stay in his position until November.  Early this week the president informed the nation that he is taking hydroxychloroquine as a prophylactic for the corona virus, probably for fear that it is hanging around in his residence.  Informed about the lack of evidence that the drug offers any protection against becoming infected and told that it could have serious side effects Trump claimed that thousands of first line workers are taking it for the same reason, which turned out to be a blatant lie.  He also produced a statement from his doctor saying  that he had discussed the medication with the president, but not that he had prescribed it.  By the middle of the week Trump announced that he was ending the regimen, presumably sufficiently protected by now.

When Nancy Pelosi commented that she would rather not have the president take a dangerous drug, especially in light of his ‘morbidly obese’ condition, Trump responded by saying that the Speaker has a lot of mental problems.  It was the beginning of a fusillade of insults, the first one directed at the Jury Forewoman in the Roger Stone trial, the second at ‘Morning Joe’ anchor Joe Scarborough, whom the president accused of being responsible for the death of an intern when he was a member of the House, and the third at the governor of Michigan, who was attacked because her state sent out applications for absentee ballots.  Trump mistook the action for an attempt to promote mail-in voting, which would have been perfectly legal as well by the way, and in his comments made clear that he would do anything in his power to suppress the vote in November.  The president went as far as threatening to withhold funding from Michigan if it promoted voting by mail, a federal crime and an impeachable offense, which was even more shameless and disgusting because the state is not only fighting the corona virus but also its worst flooding in 500 years.

Trump’s formally grown up sons followed in his footsteps, and while Don Jr. tweeted that Joe Biden is a pedophile but later claimed that it was a joke, showing that he has not only inherited his father’s bad taste but also his sense of humor, Eric told Jeanine Pirro on Fox News that the corona virus is a ploy to keep the president from having mass rallies, taking away his most powerful campaign tool, and that it will magically disappear after November 3rd.  It’s not clear if this was also a joke but it sure sounded funny, as is to be expected from the family clown.

And although Trump would definitely love to hang Obama he refuses to hang Obama’s portrait in the White House, breaking a long tradition.  The president defended his firing of the State Department’s Inspector General by explaining that he doesn’t want Mike Pompeo to do the dishes ‘because his wife isn’t at home.’  Asked about the mounting number of deaths in meatpacking plants Trump said that ‘the plants are much cleaner now,’ adding that he doesn’t know what that means.

After sending a letter to the WHO in which he lied about the time the corona outbreak was first reported the president was asked if in retrospect he would have done anything differently, and over 1.5 million infections and almost 100,000 deaths later he said ‘no’ and called it ‘a badge of honor’ that the US ranks #1 in the world in controlling the number of deaths, together with Germany.  In reality the US is 131st.


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