Mueller Speaks

(Door Hugo Kijne te Hoboken USA)

This week Trump was supposed to go on the offensive against the deep state traitors in the FBI, the CIA and the Department of Justice who had by now perpetrated the Russia hoax for over two years, undermining the legitimacy of his presidency by suggesting that his campaign had conspired with the Kremlin to get him elected and that he had obstructed the investigation by Special Counsel Robert Mueller into that conspiracy.  After Attorney General Barr had publicly concluded that the alleged crimes never occurred the president had given Barr carte blanche to declassify all relevant information that showed how his enemies had been plotting against him, weaponizing the Justice Department and risking international intelligence collaboration.   For weeks Trump went around the country screaming ‘no collusion, no obstruction’ at his rallies, putting all his trust in Barr, in spite of the fact that Mueller showed that there had been plenty of collusion but also explicitly stated that conspiracy could not be proven, before listing ten instances of obstruction of justice by Trump in the second part of his report.

So Trump was in a good mood when he spent Memorial Day weekend in Japan, playing golf with his friend Shinzo Abe but not getting a trade agreement done, dining with the Emperor, handing out a preposterous trophy at a Sumo wrestling match, downplaying the importance of a short range missile test by North Korea and restating his faith in Kim Jong-un, whose assessment of Joe Biden as a ‘low-IQ’ person he shared.  Just so that the party would not be spoiled from beyond the grave the name ‘John S. McCain’ on a US destroyer was covered and the sailors of that ship were not invited for the Memorial Day celebration because Trump wouldn’t want to see their patches.  And then it all started to fall apart.  On Wednesday Mueller decided to speak, and in a nine minute, carefully prepared statement, delivered in a halting way, he told his audience that his boss and onetime friend, the Attorney General, had misrepresented the findings in his report, and that the only reason why he had not been able to determine that the president had committed a crime was that a Department of Justice policy precluded him to do so.

Trump’s initial reaction to Mueller’s presser showed how the Special Counsel had thrown him off his game.  He tweeted that he had nothing to do with Russia helping him to get elected, and it took him some time to realize his mistake and go out on the South Lawn to declare that only he was responsible for his election.  Seizing the moment he called Mueller a highly conflicted never-Trumper and stated that he didn’t see how the courts would allow impeachment, ‘a dirty, filthy, disgusting word’ out of the US Constitution.

While Trump gave evidence that he doesn’t understand that the courts have nothing to do with impeachment William Barr decided to muddy the legal waters a bit more than he had already done by saying that Mueller could have found proof of criminal activity by the president, but that since there was no clear conclusion to that effect in Mueller’s report he and Rod Rosenstein felt compelled to conclude that no crime was committed.

With Trump raging about Mueller’s ‘vendetta’ and Barr continuing to obscure Mueller’s statement that if his team had found that the president had not committed a crime it would have said so, the Democrats are slowly marching towards impeachment.  The idea that Trump wants to be impeached is no longer tenable, it scares the hell out of him.


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