Deep Throat

(Door Hugo Kijne te Hoboken USA)

Towards the end of every week you think that this has been the craziest week of Trump’s presidency, at least until the next week starts, but this week may really take the cake.  It started with a cabinet meeting that soon became a ‘Dear Leader’ event.  Trump opened with the statement that he was the most effective president in US history, with the possible exception of Franklin D. Roosevelt, and subsequently approvingly absorbed an embarrassing brownnosing competition in which cabinet members expressed their gratitude for the honor of letting them serve under such a great man.  Reince Priebus won the contest, thanking Trump for his ‘blessing,’ which would suggest that of all participants he has the least job security.  To his credit Secretary of Defense Mattis did not participate in the sickening flattery and paid homage to the men and women in the military he represents, much to the Commander in Chief’s chagrin.  When the cameras were whisked out of the room Trump’s insanity had been on such full display that it was obvious his mental state  is in Kim Jong-un territory.

But that was only the beginning.  Six weeks after celebrating the May 4th passing of the American Health Care Act by the House of Representatives at the White House with the world’s lousiest beer, Bud Light, Trump called the Act ‘mean,’ and urged the GOP senators, who in complete secrecy are working on their own health care bill, to produce something ‘more generous.’  Considering how difficult it was to pass the AHCA, Trump’s change of heart will probably make it even more unlikely that the Senate and the House will ever agree on a bill, and Obamacare, now partly destroyed by the Republicans, will stay in place.  And the biggest surprise came Friday morning, when Trump announced via Twitter that he’s being investigated for firing the FBI Director by the man who told him to fire the FBI Director.  He was referring to a memo about Hillary Clinton’s emails that Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein had written at his request, but forgot that he had already told interviewer Lester Holt that he fired James Comey because of the Russia investigation, and had been planning to do so for a long time.

Trump is clearly getting very nervous, and for good reasons.  Special Counsel Mueller is not only looking into the possibility of collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russians, but also into communications between Michael Flynn and Ambassador Kislyak about sanctions, Jared Kushner’s bizarre request for a backchannel with the Kremlin via the Russian embassy, and Trump’s and Kushner’s financial ties with Russian investors.

The latter is probably what would worry Trump most, since American banks won’t lend the Trump organization money anymore and Kushner has a $1.3 billion debt he has to pay off in two years, were it not that the obstruction of justice charge, announced by Trump himself, who as Bill Maher observed is his own Deep Throat, is now front and center.

Trump can make things much worse for himself by having Mueller fired, which means that, following the Watergate scenario, he would have to fire Rosenstein first.  It is something he is definitely considering, so that we might still have one even crazier week coming.

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