(Door Hugo Kijne te Hoboken USA)

It was the hashtag of a tweet that read: ‘Dear Scots, you can keep Donald Trump, thanks, USA.’ The last couple of weeks all of Donald Trump’s deficiencies as a candidate and as a human being have been on display.  His pathological narcissism spilled over after the massacre in Orlando and the Brexit vote.  For him, everything is always about Trump, so after the shooting he tweeted about the many congrats he had received for forecasting a terrorist attack, and after the Brexit vote the first thing he could talk about was the revenue from American tourists his golf courses in Scotland would generate with the lower pound sterling. 
In the latter case Trump not only exhibited his mental disorder but also his limited business acumen.  He claims to own hotels and golf courses around the world, all of which have become far more expensive for British tourists, who therefore won’t show up anymore, and seems to think that a few courses in Scotland and Ireland can make up for that.  It is of course possible that he knows something we don’t know, namely that he only receives fixed licensing fees from those ‘properties’ and won’t take a loss.
The Donald’s trip to Scotland also accentuated something that was already clear in his attacks on judge Curiel for the latter’s Mexican heritage.  He exploits his candidacy to advance his business interests, and there is no chance that he’ll ever put the USA before Trump Enterprises.  Trump used the attention he’s getting from the political press to promote two golf courses, and by God, they all fell for his scam, hoping that maybe he would say something politically relevant.  Trump made two more or less political statements, first explaining why he had not brought any foreign policy advisors, ‘because there was nothing going on,’ and then congratulating his Scottish audience for having voted to leave the European Union, apparently not knowing that a large majority of Scots voted ‘remain.’  The latter gaffe earned him a lot of nicknames, such as ‘utter twonk,’ ‘cockwomble of the highest order,’ ‘bankrupt traffic cone,’ ‘soggy expired dog food coupon,’ ‘bumbling inglorious punchinello wag,’ and the statement ‘that he could not be more out of touch with reality if Nessie bit him in the arse.’  Hillary Clinton’s campaign can work with that.
But another potential Trexit that has nothing to do with the EU has the Democrats probably more concerned than Reince Priebus.  Trump’s general election campaign has no money, in spite of his braggadocious statements about self-financing, no data operation to speak of, and no staff on the ground in swing states or any other states for that matter.   There are still various attempts under way to prevent Trump from becoming the GOP nominee, and one of them might succeed.
Those attempts are fertilized by the massive desertion of the Republican old guard, the Bushes, the Romneys, and most recently also Hank Paulson and George Will, who even changed his voter registration to ‘independent.’  Pledged delegates bound to vote for Trump are trying to evade their fate by making a ‘conscience claim,’ and one of them is suing the GOP for it.
There is no better nominee to run against for Hillary than Trump, who has higher negatives and whose Trump University scam overshadows her email scandal.  Of course Trump would sue the GOP if he was discarded, and in that case the party might end up without a nominee at all.


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