Mrs. Clinton’s Emails

(Door Hugo Kijne te Hoboken USA)

At a college where I used to work the Vice President for Information Systems was a former Head of the Computer Science Department, who had fallen upwards in the administration.  When I had just started in my position I went to his office to introduce myself.  He appreciated the gesture, shook my hand, and said: “don’t fuck with me and we’ll get along fine.” Obviously after that warm welcome we became good friends.  Next to charming the VP was also paranoid, so he had built firewalls around the campus that sometimes blocked all outside traffic of email and voicemail, which could be disruptive.  One of his specialties was setting up servers, and he had programmed them in such a way that everything anybody on campus saved on a computer was also saved on a server.  On a given day one of his assistants came into my office to upgrade my PC and told me that the Director of the Grants Office, an overweight and usually underdressed, man-hungry and totally incompetent woman, was taking lewd pictures of herself in her office and saving them on her computer.  He told me that he and his colleagues checked out the new additions every week.
      Which brings me to Mrs. Clinton.  She has been under attack from the right for as long as I can remember, and I have only been in the US for the better part of thirty years.  It started with ‘Travelgate,’ in which her husband was accused of cronyism but exonerated by an independent counsel, and she was not indicted at all. Next came the ’Whitewater scandal,’ in which Bill Clinton was accused of having pressured a bank in Arkansas into providing a loan to some friends after a real estate deal went sour.  Although some people went to jail in the matter the Clintons were not even called to testify.  The biggie was the death of Vince Foster, a former partner of Mrs. Clinton in the Rose Law Firm, who followed the Clintons to the White House and committed suicide in a park in DC.  Although there were abundant signs that Foster had been severely depressed the Clintons were accused of having killed him.  And when the Monica Lewinsky scandal broke, after Hillary was initially seen as another victim of her husband’s sex addiction gradually the stories emerged that she had tried to silence other women who claimed to have been abused by Bill.
      It’s possible that there is some truth to these allegations, although over the years very little proof has been produced by ‘journalists’ who are always ready to make anything they can use against the Clintons public.  In the movie ‘Primary Colors’ one of the characters says about a candidate who strongly resembles Bill Clinton: “he poked his pecker into a lot of trashcans,” and it’s not impossible that not all the victims were as vulnerable as they would like it to appear retroactively.
      Taking all this into account it’s more than understandable that Mrs. Clinton balances somewhere between extreme caution and paranoia, and that explains the current email ‘scandal.’ Knowing that there is probably nothing secure about the State Department’s servers she should have used its email system strictly for all work related messages, and a private account for everything else, like most employees do.
      She understands that now, has frequently said that she made a mistake, and is even acknowledging why she wanted to keep her emails private.  If the FBI doesn’t bring criminal charges, what nobody expects, this story will die well before the general election like all the others, even if Trump keeps bringing them up because he has nothing else.

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