Ted and the Donald

(Door Hugo Kijne te Hoboken USA)

The Republican campaign for the nomination for the presidency has finally landed at the level where it was bound to arrive sooner or later.  Ted Cruz declared that although Donald Trump may be a rat, he has no interest in copulating with him, so that we knew we’re now in the sewer.  It all started when a Stop Trump Super PAC posted a glamorous picture of Trump’s wife Melania from her modeling years, undressed but with all the vital parts more or less covered, with a text like: ‘Is this what you want for your First Lady, if not, vote for Cruz.’  Trump of course thought that Cruz was behind the commercial and promised to ‘spill the beans’ on Cruz’s wife, Heidi.  Cruz vehemently denied that he had anything to do with it, and warned Trump to stay away from his wife.  Responsible for the ad was Liz Mair, a former Scott Walker aide who has her own reasons to be jealous of Melania Trump, although you’re not allowed to say that since Trump attacked Carly Fiorina for her facial features.  Liz Mair stated that she never worked for Cruz and had only met him twice, but Trump wouldn’t have any of it and the game was on.
      Trump’s response was the posting of a gorgeous picture of Melania next to a very unflattering picture of an angry Heidi Cruz, adding that the ‘pictures tell the whole story.’  Cruz took the bait, and responded with a line he had lifted from the 1995 movie ‘The American President,’ without mentioning the source.  Strangely he suggested that Trump was also attacking his children, and he questioned Trump’s manhood because of the Donald’s apparent fear of strong women.  Trump of course was not finished, and after one of his surrogates had made a statement about Heidi Cruz’s being on leave from Goldman Sachs, linking her employment to a loan Ted Cruz had ‘forgotten’ to mention on a financial disclosure form, he went all out.  The National Enquirer published an article about Ted Cruz’s having had affairs with at least five women, in which the only person quoted was a former Trump associate, Roger Stone.  Cruz couldn’t get five women to have sex with him if he had Trump’s money to pay for it, and of course he denied the allegations, calling Trump a ‘sniveling coward,’ but he’s been on the defensive ever since, because part of a story like that always sticks.
      It was now Trump’s turn to deny that he had had a hand in the National Enquirer article, and he did so mischievously saying that he hoped the paper was wrong about Cruz, even though it had been right about OJ Simpson and John Edwards.   Roger Stone’s role is fascinating.  He is a dirty trickster out of the Nixon school and was ‘fired’ by Trump in the beginning of the campaign, but it now becomes clear that he was really freed up to exercise his craft while giving Trump deniability.
      If there is one single reason for all this mudslinging it’s Trump.  In a recent interview with the Editorial Board of the Washington Post he exhibited his absolute ignorance about every topic that came up.  Trump may know something about bricks and mortar, fairways and greens, and tits and ass, but other than that his knowledge goes as deep as a rowing boat.  Smut is all he’s got to work with.
      In a week when the world saw another horrendous terrorist attack and Obama set a giant step towards repairing the US relationship with Cuba, the two main Republican candidates were wrestling in the manure.  The GOP won’t wait with breaking up until Cleveland, it’s collapsing before our eyes.

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